Welcome to the website of the Helpringham History Society

The Helpringham History Society is a small group of people who meet once a month in the Memorial Hall to discuss and share information related to all aspects of the village’s social and historical development.
The Society aims to uncover, preserve and share historical information by collecting artefacts, documents and other materials of local significance and carry out research into the history of the people who have lived in the village from earliest times to the present. The information collected by the Society will be archived and made available to all through displays, exhibitions and publications.
The material collected so far has enabled us to produce our first publication on the history of Helpringham. This is a history of the village in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries based on the memories of local people with plenty of photographs and personal touches.  Since 2009 the Society has presented annual historical displays during  Helpringham’s Feast  weekends in August and on Remembrance Day in November each year. In June 2012 the Society collected and exhibited artefacts and photographs relating to the Coronation Year as a backdrop to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the Village Hall.

Our work so far would not have been possible without the many photographs, documents, artefacts, stories and memories that have so generously been made available to us by people from Helpringham. We are constantly looking for additional material on all aspects of life in Helpringham throughout its history to build up our database of local knowledge. If you have any material that could be used or if you would like to be involved please contact a member of the Society.

We hope that this site will help to bring the history of Helpringham to as many people as possible.