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The Parish Council is pleased to inform you that our precept has not been increased again this year. When you read your Council Tax notice please be aware that the footway lighting charge is not the responsibility of the Parish Council.
There may be problems in the future as some of our funding comes as a grant rather than the precept, we do not know whether this grant will continue, this may have implications in the future for local spending and grants to charities.

The winners of the 49 club national lottery bonus ball draw for the weeks 22nd February to 15th March were as follows. Each winner receives £25

Sat 22nd Feb Sheila Barnes
Sat   1st  Mar Enid Halleron
Sat   8th Mar Mick Layton
Sat 15th Mar Gill Grace

As responsible dog owners we all know that the law requires us to clean up after our dogs, this means "bag it and bin it".  Not as some people do which is bag it and leave it on the verge or hang it from the hedge or a gate post, thus leaving plastic bags littering our beautiful lanes and tracks which will not rot down.  Surely it is not difficult to do what most of us do and take it to the nearest dog poo bin or take it home.
Playing Field Race Night

The Helpringham playing field committee would like to thank everyone for joining them at the race night.
We would also like to thank everyone who helped to make it a brilliant night.
The interim figure so far raised is £1248.00 Thanks again for all your support.

Helpringham Playing Field now on Face book
The mobile library comes to Helpringham on the 4th Friday of the month at 11.45 till 12.15. USE IT OR LOSE IT.


HAVCS are looking for drivers to take patients to hospital and doctor’s surgeries. Do you have a few hours to spare a week to do this worthwhile job? 45p per mile is paid. Contact Richard Higgs on 460027. The voluntary car scheme is for patients who do not have access to a car of their own or are unable to drive due to illness. The telephone, 460809, is operated from 8.30 am to 10 am Monday to Friday and there is an answer phone service after 10 am. Do not ring the drivers.

What is CallConnect Bus Service?                                                    

CallConnect is a unique bus service whose timetable is not fixed but responds to passenger requests. This means its routes are different each day depending on the bookings made by passengers.  Journey requests can be made by telephone, online or by SMS text message. The service is designed to improve transport opportunities in rural communities and some market towns where there is an infrequent conventional bus services.                                                                                                 

 Who can use CallConnect?                                                              
Everyone! All are welcome to use the service regardless of age or status. You can use the service as frequently as required for anything from shopping or travelling to work or school to a social event or medical appointment. Even if you are on holiday in Lincolnshire and need a bus, contact our booking office and find out how we can help you.                        

How do I book a journey?                                                                      
You can book a CallConnect journey by calling our booking team on 0845 234 3344. When requesting a bus journey, have your membership number and journey details ready. You can also submit your travel requests online or via SMS text messages. You can make a booking up to seven days in advance. You can also request same-day journeys but please give a minimum of one hour’s notice. All bookings are subject to availability.    

The amount you pay to travel depends on your journey. Each service area is divided into zones – the further you travel, the more you pay. Booking office staff can tell you the cost of your journey so that you can have the correct fare ready. Children aged under 5 travel free with an accompanying adult. If you hold a valid concessionary bus pass due to age or disability, you can use it on CallConnect buses. Passes issued outside Lincolnshire are accepted during off-peak travel (after 9.30am).                

Opening and Operating Times                                                      
CallConnect operates 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday, and 8am-6pm on Saturdays. Details of any local variations are available from the booking office. The booking office is open from 8.30am-7pm, Monday-Friday; 8.30am-5pm on Saturday; and closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.          

Need a little help?                                                                                   
Our vehicles are fitted with low-floor steps and tail-lifts to ensure they are as easy as possible for everyone to use. Wheelchair users must inform us of the make and model to ensure it meets our safety standard of being impact-tested. Travel in a wheelchair is subject to availability and approval.





Isn’t it wonderful to see the sunshine and really feel that spring has come, there have been many more smiling faces recently. Let’s hope it continues.
Those of you who have visited the Memorial Hall recently for the Spring Fair or with the various clubs will have noticed that the Main Hall has been totally redecorated and is looking great. The Committee thank you all who continue to support us so that we can continue to maintain and improve this village facility.
We hope you will enjoy the various events we have planned for the year, Quiz Night in June, Summer Craft Fair in July, a Sixties Night in September, Remembrance Sunday Exhibition and Christmas Fair in November as well as supporting the various clubs that use the Memorial Hall.
We would still like to hear from anyone who would like to help at the Hall in whatever capacity.

To hire the hall for all your functions, weekday rates are £6.50 per hour for clubs
and £11.00 per hour for fund raising and weekends, plus £10.00 for use of the
kitchen and £10.00 for use of the bar.
Hire of Conference Room £6.00 per hour
Daily Hire of complete Hall £140.00
These prices include heating or air conditioning.
For Bookings please telephone Mick 421853 or Laraine 421 1 1 0

Tues. 1st  

Arts and Crafts
Sequence Dancing Beginners

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Wed. 2nd

South Lincs Shadows Music Club

7.30. p.m.

Thurs. 3rd

Lunch Club
Sequence Dancing for Improvers

6.30. p.m.

Fri. 4th

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon. 7th


1.30. p.m.

Tues. 8th

Arts and Crafts
Sequence Dancing Beginners

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Wed. 9th

Petticoat Club
Parish Council

7.30. p.m.
7.30. p.m.

Thurs. 10th

Sequence Dancing for Improvers

6.30. p.m.

Fri. 11th

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon. 14th

Hall Committee

1.30. p.m.
7.30. p.m.

Tues. 15th

Arts and Crafts
Sequence Dancing Beginners

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.


Lunch Club
Sequence Dancing for Improvers

6.30. p.m.

Fri. 18th  

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon. 21st  


1.30. p.m.

Tues. 22nd  

Arts and Crafts
Sequence Dancing Beginners

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Wed. 23rd

Gardening Club

7.30. p.m.

Thurs. 24th

Ballroom & Sequence for Improvers
History Society

6.30. p.m.
7.30. p.m.

Fri. 25th

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon. 28th  


1.30. p.m.

Tues. 29th  

Arts and Crafts

1.30. p.m.








Enquiries re Baptism, weddings etc. should be made to The Reverend Chris Harrington on 01529 460904.
For other Church queries in Helpringham please contact John West on 421871


This month we celebrate the event that changed the world and is now remembered forever, though ironically because the date changes every year we all have to refer to our diaries to know when it's happening. I'm referring of course to the resurrection of Jesus Christ which we celebrate on Easter Sunday. The date moves around because it is calculated using the cycle of the moon rather than the sun, though even using a lunar calendar initially caused confusion as two major centres of Christianity, Alexandria and Rome, used slightly different astronomical tables. St Augustine noted in 387 that Easter was being celebrated in Gaul on 18th March, Italy on 21st and Alexandria on 25th March, and according to Bede, in this country in the year 651 one group of Christians were celebrating the Easter Feast whilst another were still observing the Palm Sunday fast. Finally in 663, at the Synod of Whitby, St Wilfrid persuaded the Celtic monks to adopt the method of calculation used at Rome and it was imposed on the whole of England in 669 by Archbishop Theodore. It means that Easter can now vary between 21st March and 25th April depending on the date of the paschal full moon. That said it still seems a shame the early Christian's couldn't have come up with a set date like 1st April so we could officially be Fools for Christ.
Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday on 13th April. There will be a donkey procession at Swaton, which leaves Sally's dress shop at 10.45am to process down to Swaton Church for an informal service at 11ish (when we arrive) in the church. At 6pm there will be an Evening service here at Helpringham and Palm Crosses will be given out. On Maundy Thursday 17th April we remember the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before his death and how he washed their feet as a way of remembering that it is more blessed to serve than to be served. We will be holding a service of Holy Communion and foot washing at Great Hale church at 7pm followed by a prayer vigil for one hour as we remember how Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane that death might not come but nevertheless his Father's be done. On Good Friday 18th April we remember His death on the Cross for the sin of the whole world with a service of prayer at Great Hale church at 9.30am called 'Stations of the Cross' as we think of his walk along the Via Delarosa in Jerusalem carrying the cross. At 10.30am there is a procession with a large cross from Great Hale church to Heckington village green where we hold an open air service at 11am followed by coffee and hot cross buns at the Methodist chapel. On the evening of Good Friday we are holding requiem mass at St Andrew's Heckington with the combined choirs of our group of parishes at 7pm.
On Easter Sunday 20th April the choir will then be helping us celebrate the resurrection of Christ at 9.30am here at Helpringham with our Easter communion service. On Easter Monday we remember the resurrection story of the walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus with an 'Emmaus Walk' of our own from Howell at 2pm (dogs are welcome too) to an informal Easter service at Asgarby at 3pm followed by an Easter Tea. All are welcome to join with us at any of these attempts to remember the event that changed the world some 2000 years ago. Whether we recognise it or not we are all beneficiaries of God's love because of Christ's death & resurrection, so it's a Happy Easter for all.

Easter Lilies
Donations towards the Easter Lilies in the church will be gratefully received by Irene Foster (421680).
Church Open every day
From 1st April the church will be open every day during daylight hours so that villagers and visitors can enjoy a quiet time of prayer or contemplation in the peace and beauty of the church interior.
St Andrew's Church AGM
The Church AGM will be held in the church on 27th April at 7pm
Church Services at St Andrew's in April
13th April at 6pm, 20th April at 9.30am & 27th April at 11am.
Rev Chris - 460904


****NOTE***** These are contemporaneous notes, subject to scrutiny and ammendment, to be adopted as minutes at the next meeting.


                                         WED 12 MARCH 2014

PRESENT:, Cllr Mr G. Hotchkin(Chairman), Cllr Mr P. Johnson, Cllr. Mrs A. Bourne, Cllr. Mr R. Spencer,
Cllr Mr M. Robinson, Cllr Mr Wm. Watts, Cllr Mrs J. Frizzell,  District Cllr Mr S. Ogden, District Cllr Mrs S. Tarry.
IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs J.M. Bleach, Clerk to Helpringham Parish Council
At 7.00pm prior to the main meeting an opportunity was given for councillors and members of the public to view four sample boards showing possible external finishes and colours for the NKDC council properties to be built at School Lane, Helpringham. The Chair of the NKDC Planning Committee responsible for approving the proposal had provided this opportunity so that the Parish Council could give their views on which colour scheme would best fit into the local environment.(See Item 7 on agenda). These views would then be considered when the final decision on finishes was made by NKDC. The Parish Council and NKDC felt that the residents affected by this development should have the opportunity to comment and the Parish Council would then take the comments made into consideration when reporting back to the Chair of the NKDC Planning Committee. The residents present indicated that their preference was for Render Sample 004 Bordeaux 35 which was a red-brown colour as this would blend in  better with properties in the immediate area and be less susceptible to weather staining than the other very pale colours. Viewing time ended at 7.25 and the members of the public left the meeting.
No members of the public attended to use  Public Speaking Time which commenced at 7.30pm.

The meeting was declared quorate at 7.35pm

  1. Welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman, Cllr Mr G. Hotchkin, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Declarations of Interest

It was agreed that a Dispensation granted to the majority of councillors at the February 2014 meeting for Planning Application 14/0065/FUL, because they knew the applicant, would stand for this meeting (12 Feb. 2014 Item 3)There were no other Declarations of Interest or Dispensation requests.

  1. Notes of the February Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wed 12 February 2014 to be approved as the Minutes.

The draft minutes, which had been previously circulated, were reviewed and it was then proposed by Cllr. Mrs A. Bourne and seconded by Cllr Mr M. Robinson that they be accepted as a true record of the meeting held on
Wed 12 February 2014. Unanimously agreed by all present. The Minutes were then signed off by the Chairman.

  1.  Clerk’s Report on Matters Outstanding
  2. Parish Council Noticeboard – Cost of replacement and funding possibilities – Update

Research undertaken by Clerk had shown that prices of  £199,  £231, £282.30 all ex Vat are available from three different companies. Some are offered with free delivery. These prices are for anodised metal, lockable, weatherproof, single door, to hold 8xA4 sheets.  To replace like- for- like could cost in the region of £1200.
The Clerk  reported that the following had been contacted:

  1. County Cllr Barry Young re possible funding from LCC Big Society Fund. To date have only received an acknowledgement from his P.A. as Cllr Young is apparently not available for the whole of February and part of March but she has promised to put the request in front of him on his return. Nothing received to date.


                   Item 5 Continued

  1. Letter sent to Chief Executive-Network Rail, Mr D. Higgins, 25 February 2014  as there is a fund set aside by Network Rail to help communities affected by the GNGE Project.  Local MP Stephen Phillips copied in and has responded promptly with an offer to write a letter of support which he subsequently did and sent out on 5 March. No reply from Network Rail to date.
  2. Email sent to Lincolnshire Police as they apparently have a fund  from the auction of proceeds of crime which they sometimes make available to communities. No reply to date.
  3. Prospecting email sent to Communities Team at NKDC asking if they knew of any funding provided by NKDC as some other District Councils do have funds available.  No reply to date.

Some alternative Grant sources were suggested by councillors and the Clerk was asked to contact them.    Carried forward to April meeting.                 Action: Clerk

  1. Parish Paths Partnership(P3) - School Lane Footpath Grant 2012-2013/2013-2014 –Update

Breakdown of work undertaken at School Lane and cost for the above years was still awaited from contractor in order to complete paperwork to claim grant outstanding but have now got dates for 2012-2013 when work was carried out so a description of work carried out and a cost figure for each date was required. The appropriate NKDC officer has confirmed that a claim can be put in even if the actual figures could not be found and he would attempt to progress the claim.  Action: Clerk

  1. Tree Inspection Update.

Tree Inspection carried out by contractor and assistant on Saturday 8 March 2014. Cllr Bourne and Clerk met with them before commencement to discuss tree overhanging No 23 Vicarage Lane. Recommendation will be in the report which is now awaited. Owner of No 23 has been kept updated and does say that he doesn’t want tree cut back too severely just given ‘a trim’.
10/3/14 email received from contractor re a potential problem with some trees on Green which as they are near to public roads he has referred to LCC tree officers who will be out to inspect and determine soundness of wood in trees hopefully next week when the contractor has completed his report and sent the tree officers the necessary information. Circulated 11/3/14
The Clerk subsequently emailed contractor to establish which trees were involved and any increase in cost as a result of extra work. Reply received indicating no increase in cost. The trees in question are two horse chestnut trees, which were  at the North Fen and George St end of the Green. (Identified to the meeting on a map of the Green). It was agreed that this would be considered in an Agenda Item at the April meeting when the final report was received.  Action: Clerk

  1. Planning Matters(including those received after the date of this agenda)
  2. Planning Applications received: Planning Application Ref: 14/0065/FUL. Amendment to Plans received 22/2/14(Circulated to Councillors for comment prior to meeting) for a proposal for the erection of a detached dwelling and proposed conversion of and extension to existing barn to form a single residential dwelling on land at 2 Highgate, Helpringham, Sleaford NG34 0RD

After discussion it was agreed that there would be no change to the previous comments given.

  1. Planning Matters received after the date of this agenda


  1. Planning Appeal APP/R2520/A/13/2201213 – proposal for development at 19-21 High Street, Helpringham.  Appeal decided in favour of appellant as of 24/2/14. Decision Notice and Conditions circulated to councillors 4/3/14.


  1. Approvals


  1. Refusals


  1. NKDC Development of six properties off School Lane

Councillors discussed the sample finish boards for the new properties which they had viewed prior to the meeting with some members of the public. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Bourne and seconded by Cllr Johnson and agreed by all that the choice of the members of the public should carry most weight as they
would have to see the result every day. The unanimous choice of the members of the public present prior to the meeting was for Render Sample 004 A Red-Brown colour described as Bordeaux 35. The Clerk was therefore asked to communicate this choice to the Chair of the NKDC Planning Committee to be considered when they made their final choice.   Action: Clerk
It was then noted that three letters had been sent by the Parish Council to LCC Highways West, Chief Highways Officer, NKDC Chief Planning Officer and NKDC Chief Executive concerning the management of the planning and preplanning processes for the planning application relating to this development. The letters were posted on 20 February 2014 and to date the only reply, an acknowledgement, had been from NKDC Chief Executive. Councillors expressed their disappointment at this poor response.
District Cllrs Mrs S. Tarry and Mr S. Ogden left the meeting at 7.50pm. Before they left the District Councillors made  the Parish Council aware that NKDC had a new grass cutting contractor and would welcome feedback on the quality of their work in due course.

  1. Correspondence

Lincolnshire County Council
 7/3/14 – by post from LCC 4all Coordinator re Information Service for parents/Carers of children and young people aged 0-19 with a disability and/or additional needs in Lincolnshire. Cllr Johnson volunteered to ask the Secretary of the Village Hall Committee if the poster could be displayed on the Village Hall Noticeboard.  Action: Cllr Johnson.
14/2/14 – by email  re Garden Waste Charging 2014-2015 Circulated 17/2/14  Noted.
24/2/14 – by email – What’s on – March 2014 Circulated 24/2/14  Noted.
3/3/14 -  by email re Route Review Changes for refuse collections from 31 March 2014 Circulated 4/3/14 Noted.
4/3/14 – by email SustainNK Spring Newsletter 2014 Circulated 4/3/14 Noted.
13/2/14 – by email from Came & Co –Guidance on Management of Flood Risk. Circulated 17/2/14 Noted
24/2/14 – by email from Cllr Frizzell – copy of email sent to Sleaford CAB re attendance at their regular meeting to be held on 1 April 2014. Circulated to all members of Helpringham PC. Cllr Frizzell told the meeting that she would send a report on the CAB meeting to the next Parish Council meeting on 9 April 2014. Action: Cllr Frizzell.
1/3/14 – by post  from Marie Curie Cancer Care re Free Wills Offer. As previously Cllr Johnson would arrange for display on Village Hall Noticeboard.  Action: Cllr Johnson.
11/3/14 – by email from Lincs Road Safety Partnership re two week trial of reactive and passive speed signs on B6403 Ermine St. Ancaster and passive signs on A153 also at Ancaster. Invitation for councils to send reps. to view between 19 March and 2 April. Circulated 11/3/14 . After a short discussion it was agreed that it was not necessary to take up the invitation as the current arrangement with Swaton to borrow the SID seemed to provide any monitoring that was necessary through the village.
12/3/14 – by post from Continental Landscapes Ltd re their Grounds Maintenance Services. Prospecting letter for possible contract. Agreed that it should be filed until contract renewal was due.  Action: Clerk
Memorial Hall Committee Minutes for 17 February 2014 had been received.  Noted.

  1. Chairman’s Report

Cllr Hotchkin reported that as a suitable post had been fabricated the bin was now ready for installation on the Green. Cllrs Watts and Robinson volunteered to assist Cllr Hotchkin with this task.

  1.  Vice Chairman’s Report

Cllr Johnson reported that the Annual Safety Inspection of the Parish Council Cemeteries had been completed by Cllr Robinson and himself. Only one memorial had failed and it had been laid flat. This was in the Hale Road Cemetery. The matter had been reported to Cllr Bourne.
Item 10 continued
Cllr Johnson then told the council that there had been an increase in dog excrement left by owners around the village. This, in spite of the fact that the Parish Council provides three dog bins in the village. He also reported an increase in the numbers of drinks cans left lying about. It was agreed that Cllr Johnson would put an article in the next Village Newsletter concerning these matters to bring them to residents’ attention.

  1.   Pinfold Agreement .

The draft agreement had been circulated to councillors prior to meeting and after discussion Cllr Robinson proposed that the fee for 2014-2015 be maintained at the same level as previously and this resolution was seconded by Cllr Bourne. Agreed by all present. The Clerk was asked to contact the residents concerned to complete the necessary paperwork which would be then brought to the April meeting for approval and signature if the residents wished to continue using the Pinfold. Action: Clerk

  1.   Cemetery Matters

Cllr Bourne reported that there had been one request to erect a memorial which had been approved. There had been no burials since the last meeting in February 2014.

  1.    Financial Matters(including those received after date of this agenda)
  2. Financial Report

The Monthly Financial Statement which had been previously circulated and the February 2014 bank statements were presented for scrutiny. It was proposed by Cllr Robinson and seconded by Cllr Frizzell that they be accepted as correct. All present were in agreement and they were duly signed off by the Chairman, Cllr Hotchkin.

  1. To resolve on payments to be made in March 2014 - including any late invoices received after the date of this agenda.

Cheque No.         Amount                   Payee                                              Relating To:
001484              £146.77                  J.M. Bleach                                    Clerk’s Salary –February 2014
001485              £  15.17                  J.M. Bleach                                  Clerk’s Expenses – February 2014
001486             £  12.80              Anglian Water        Period 6/12/13-25/2/14 Water Charges for Hale Road Cem.
After the invoices were scrutinised it was proposed by Cllr Frizzell and seconded by Cllr Watts that they be approved and the cheques signed. Agreed by all present. The cheques were duly signed and the invoices initialled by Cllr Hotchkin and Cllr Bourne.

  1. Reclaimed Vat 2012-2013

The Clerk reported that 2012-2013 Vat would be reclaimed  and in due course 2013-2014 Vat. Councillors were shown the Guidance document from HMRC and the process explained.

  1. Information from Zurich Municipal – Insurance Offer. Noted.
  2. Three communications via LALC re changes to legislation on Local Audit and Accountability and Repeal of s.150(5) Local Government Act 1972 re removal of two signature rule. All circulated prior to meeting.

After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Johnson and seconded by Cllr Watts that Helpringham Parish Council should continue to use two signatures. Agreed by all present.

  1. Discussion of Matters from Public Speaking


  1. Matters of Urgency (urgent items not requiring a resolution may be brought to the meeting’s attention)


  1.    Date of Next Meeting and items for April agenda.

Councillors noted that the next meeting would take place on Wednesday 9 April 2014 and that agenda items should be sent to the Clerk by Monday 31 March 2014 for inclusion in the April agenda.
There being no further business the Chairman, Cllr Hotchkin, closed the meeting at 8.20pm


Another great meeting in March! Plenty of players and we just managed to squeeze in 4 numbers each. There were also several people who just came in to watch and listen. It was nice to see a few more locals besides those from the farther flung towns and villages.
This month Steve B brought along his Bose L1 PA system for us all to use. It filled the hall with crystal clear sound. An expensive system but just about the best I have heard.
Steve is a semi-professional singer-guitarist and he treated us to a Shadows vocal number (Let Me Be the One.) which with the additional electronic gadgetry that he uses, made his voice sound like the whole group in harmony.
Many people don’t realise that The Shadows were as good as a vocal group as they were instrumentalists and co-wrote many of Cliff Richard’s hits.
Maybe we can look forward to a few more Shadows or Cliff vocals at future meetings.
Meetings are held at the Memorial Hall on the first Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Light refreshments are provided.
The next meeting is on Wednesday 2nd April.
If you like the guitar music of The Shadows why not pop along and see (and hear) what it is about.

Dave Moore.



Our AGM was held in March and the Chairman was pleased to report another successful year. Special thanks went to Sally Woodhead, who again audited our accounts free of charge and to the Committee for their help and to all the members for their continued support.
As well as enjoying a varied programme of speakers and activities £450 was raised for Heckington First Responders L.I.V.E.S at the annual charity coffee morning. The annual lunch was held at Abbey Parks Farm and we welcomed several new members in the year.
The Treasurer reported a healthy bank balance, enabling the lunch to be subsidised more this year and the meeting fees and annual subscription fee will therefore not be raised from the present £2 and £5 respectively, for the coming year.
The Speakers Secretary issued the new programme for 2014-5 and gave a brief description of what we have in store. Special thanks were passed to Wendy Johns who had produced the programme.
The Secretary thanked members for their continued support and for providing raffle prizes and operating the tea rota. She also thanked those who support the 49 club and for all the help with posters, the newsletter etc. Next Year Wendy will be producing the programme and posters whilst Laraine will continue with the newsletter and setting up etc. A report was then given from the Memorial Hall Committee thanking all members for their support of all the events without which the maintenance and improvements could not take place.
Margaret Hyde stepped down from the Committee and the Chairman asked for any volunteers to take over the job of getting the refreshments for meetings and cards etc. for sick members. 
Marian Molloy proposed a vote of thanks and the existing Committee were re-elected.
We then had a very enjoyable time trying to put names to photographs of members in their younger days or as children. There were many surprises!!!
It was agreed to hold our annual charity coffee morning in September this year and to raise funds for L.I.V.E.S again.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th April where we will be treated to a demonstration of the new equipment that L.I.V.E.S. has obtained.  Everyone is welcome.



Next meeting will feature Moon, Muck and Magic with Trevor Rogers.
Come and join us!  Wednesday Mar 26th, 7.30 in the Memorial Hall.
Tea and coffee are provided.
Visitors always welcome.


The Society would like to thank all those who helped with the exhibition Remembrance Sunday 10th November, remembering our War heroes and celebrating the life of women and all who served at home during wartime.

for information please telephone Laraine on 421110 or Julie on 421265. We look forward to hearing from you.