Helpringham Village Newsletter May 2012


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Once again your support of the Memorial Hall has helped the Committee to continue to maintain the fabric and good condition of the building. With a fantastic effort and lots of hard work the Main Hall floor has been stripped and re-polished and is now gleaming again. Thanks must go to Phoenix Client Services for their technical support and to Emma Wakelin our cleaner for this great job well done.
Now all efforts are being focussed on The Diamond Jubilee celebrations on June 2nd and 3rd.The History Society and Memorial Hall Committee have their plans well advanced for this "free to all" event. The Parish Council have kindly contributed towards the costs of this as have many of the village clubs and societies, so do put it into your diaries. SATURDAY 2ND JUNE 2pm to 6pm the exhibition of Coronation Memories and Life in Helpringham 1952/3 and a family BBQ with a licensed bar in the rear garden of the hall. SUNDAY 3RD JUNE 2pm to 4.30pm the exhibition and a Cream Tea with the dedication ceremony of the commemorative trees (provided by the Gardening club) by the Rev. Chris Harrington at 2.30pm. There will be a competition for younger children to make, draw or design a crown with a prize.
We would welcome any more ideas of games etc. that you may have or any offers of help. Please contact Laraine on 421110.
The AGM of the Memorial Hall Committee is on Monday 28th May at 7pm to receive reports and elect the officers for 2012-13. Everyone is welcome.

Tue 1st Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Thur 3rd Ballroom and Sequence for Beginners 6.30pm
Lunch Club 12.30pm
Fri 4th Kung Fu 7.00pm

Tue 8th Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Wed 9th Petticoat Club 7.30pm
Parish Council 7.30pm
Thur 10th Ballroom and Sequence for Beginners 6.30pm
Fri 11th KungFu 7.00pm

Tue 15th Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Thur 17th Lunch Club 12.30pm
Ballroom and Sequence for beginners 6.30pm
History Society 7.30pm
Fri 18th Kung Fu 7.00pm

Tue 22nd Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Wed 23rd Gardening Club 7.30pm
Thur 24th Ballroom and Sequence for beginners 6.30pm
Darby and Joan 2:00pm
Fri 25th  Kung Fu 7.00pm

Mon 28th Hall Committe-AGM 7.00pm
Tue 29th Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Thur 31st Lunch Club 12.30pm
Ballroom and Sequence for beginners 6.30pm

To hire the hall for all your functions, weekday rates are £6.50 per hour for clubs
and £11.00 per hour for fund raising and weekends, plus £10.00 for use of the
kitchen and £10.00 for use of the bar.
Hire of Conference Room £6.00 per hour
Daily Hire of complete Hall £120.00
These prices include heating or air conditioning.
For Bookings please telephone Mick 421853 or Laraine 421 1 1 0


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the conference room of the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 9th May at 7.00pm. It will include a report by the Chairman of the Parish Council and it is an opportunity for electors of the Parish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council any matter of local interest. NKDC’s Community Safety Manager, Heidi Ryder, has also been invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting and give a talk on anti-social behaviour.
The Annual Parish Meeting will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and the normal monthly meeting.

The winners of the national lottery bonus ball for weeks 17th March through to 14th April were as follows. Each winner received £25.
Sat 17th March Bob Davis
Sat 24th March Gloria Dolan
Sat 31st  March Katie Harris
Sat 7th   April Bernard Dolan
Sat 14th April Marian Molloy

All proceeds go to the Memorial Hall
3 numbers are available, if anyone wishes to join the 49 Club please call Roma Parry on 421312



Helpringham area Church Services in May
6th MAY
9.30am Great Hale (Holy Communion)
11am Burton Pedwardine (Holy Communion)
11am Heckington (Morning Praise)
6pm Scredington (Evensong)
13th MAY
9.30am Scredington (Holy Communion)
11am Heckington (Holy Communion)
11am Swaton (Morning Prayer & Praise)
11am Great Hale (Informal Family Service)
6pm Helpringham (Choral Evensong)
17th MAY - Ascension Day
7pm Heckington (Holy Communion)
20th MAY
9.30am Helpringham (Holy Communion)
11am Heckington (Holy Communion)
11am Scredington (Morning Prayer/Praise)
3pm Asgarby - Informal Ascension Service with Balloons & Tea
27th MAY - Pentecost Sunday
9.30am Swaton (Holy Communion)
11am Heckington (Holy Communion)
11am Helpringham (Morning Praise)
6pm Great Hale (Pentecost - Songs of Praise)
Enquiries re Baptism, weddings etc. should be made to The Reverend Chris Harrington on 01529 460904.
For other Church queries in Helpringham please contact John West on 421871

We send best wishes to Terry Markham and hope his leg mends soon, there is a lesson to be learnt: Don’t help your children with their houses!
I hope all those who managed to attend some of the Holy week services either inside or outside the church felt as blessed as I did. It was a wonderful week and helped with good weather for our outside events on Palm Sunday and Good Friday, thank you Lord. Even rain didn't put off all those who came on the 'Emmaus' walk on Easter Monday from Howell to Asgarby for the Easter Egg hunt. I offer up my heartfelt thanks to all those who helped in any way to make each event the success it was. I was very encouraged by the local response and was amazed that we even made the Sleaford Standard two weeks in a row, with pictures of the licensing service, Palm Sunday donkey procession and walk of witness with the cross from Great Hale to Heckington on Good Friday.
On Saturday 12th May I have been asked to play the guitar and sing at the Nags Head Pub at Helpringham from 7.30pm onwards. It is going to be 'Captain Chris and the Mysterons' as there may be some friends coming to help out as well. Do come along and join in with some well-known songs by Oasis, Rod Stewart, the Beatles, Van Morrison etc. It will be an opportunity to raise some much needed funds for Christian Aid at the start of their annual week of raising the awareness of the need to share our financial blessings with others. There may also be people calling at your door with the red Christian Aid envelopes. If they do, please do give generously and joyfully to those far, far, less fortunate than ourselves.
On 17th May we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus back to his Father. We are holding an Ascension Day service of Holy Communion at Heckington at 7pm and on the following Sunday have a family friendly informal Ascension service at Asgarby church with Balloons and Tea. Everyone is most welcome.  On 27th May another special Sunday is the sending of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday and there will be a special Pentecost Songs of Praise at Great Hale church at 6pm. Do come and join the celebrations.
Every blessing:  Rev. Chris

It was lovely to welcome Nan Davenport back to the April meeting, this time to give us an insight into Heritage - not English or Lincolnshire but Welsh! Starting with the language we had fun with the pronunciation and were fascinated to learn that it is the oldest language still spoken in Europe. Turning to cooking we learnt about cawl (stew) lava bread (made from seaweed), bara brith (tea loaf) and Welsh cakes (similar to flat scones) as well as looking at the adaptability of the humble leek and marvelling at how it became the national emblem. Colours too are significant with the red and yellow of the medieval Welsh princes still prominent today. Nan was also able to show us a siol fagu (traditional nursing shawl) and  how a typical farmer’s wife would have dressed with black knitted stockings and buckled shoes, red ‘tartan’ skirt, red bed-gown, frilled mop cap and, to top it all, the amazing tall, conical, flat-topped hat! It was lots of fun and very interesting too.

A change of topic again for our next meeting which is at 7.30pm on Wednesday 9th May. Ian McCleary will be demonstrating wok cooking and we understand there’ll be tasting opportunities too! Do come along - new members and guests are always welcome.

41 members and guests enjoyed a most interesting talk on Victorian Violas from Ray Chapman. Now resident in Lincoln, Mr. Chapman used to be Head Gardener at Springfield before it became a shopping outlet. The gardens in those days were magnificent and he can be justly proud of his contribution. However, his topic this time was Violas and he held his audience spellbound by the breadth of his knowledge and the way he communicated. The humble viola is quite a different plant from the pansy. There is Alpine influence in its ancestry and its growth is compact and bushy rather than the leggy extensions favoured by the pansy. It is perfectly happy in the cold and can put up with chilly wind but does NOT like to be too dry.

The May meeting will see the return of
Michael Langley and his Crackpots
Wednesday May 23rd 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall

The Society is hoping more of you will share your memories and memorabilia of the Coronation and life in Helpringham 1952/3 to help with the exhibition on the Diamond Jubilee weekend on June 2nd/3rd. We would also like to hear of any other ideas you may have to make this village celebration of the Diamond Jubilee an event to remember. Please contact Laraine on 421110 or Julie on 421265.

The Darby and Joan Club held a successful Rummage Sale in April making a profit of £204.  The winner of Lotto number 40 was Eileen Brundell.  The club thank everyone who supported and helped on the day.
Meetings for May are 10th and the 24th when there will be a Bring and Buy stall, everyone welcome.
The Darby and Joan Club meet fortnightly on Thursday afternoon in the Memorial Hall 2pm to 4pm.
The outing to Embassy Theatre Skegness has a few places if anyone would like a day out on Wednesday June 13th, coach leaves Chapel at 11am, return at about 6.30pm.  £20 includes theatre tickets and coach fare, contact Alison 421478 or Carole 421617.  The show is ‘Jubilee We’ll Meet Again’.