Helpringham Village Newsletter July 2012

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What a lovely start to our summer of national celebrations! The Diamond Jubilee weekend was a great success and our thanks go to everyone who helped in any way to make it such a memorable event. It was so good to see so many of you over the two days, joining together to celebrate the Jubilee.
Hopefully now the sun has shown its face we can look forward to more days outside and enjoyable events.
Don't forget that the Memorial Hall is yours and it is there for you to book and use, all our regular clubs always welcome new members and we would love to see you all there for any of our events.

HALL DIARY July 2012
Tue 3rd Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Thur 5th Ballroom and Sequence for Beginners 6.30pm
Darby & Joan 2:00pm
Fri 6th Kung Fu 7.00pm

Tue 10th Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Wed 11th Petticoat Club 7.30pm
Parish Council 7.30pm
Thur 12th Lunch Club 12:30
Ballroom and Sequence for Beginners 6.30pm
Fri 13th KungFu 7.00pm

Mon 16th Hall Committee 7:30pm
Playing Fields AGM 7:00pm
Tue 17th Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Thur 19thDarby & Joan 2:00pm
Ballroom and Sequence for beginners 6.30pm
History Society 7.30pm
Fri 20th Kung Fu 7.00pm

Tue 24th Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm
Wed 25th Gardening Club 7.30pm
Thur 26th Ballroom and Sequence for beginners 6.30pm
Lunch Club 12:30pm
Fri 27th  Kung Fu 7.00pm
Photography Group 7:15pm

Tue 31st Arts and Crafts 1.30pm
Ballroom Dancing 7.00pm

To hire the hall for all your functions, weekday rates are £6.50 per hour for clubs
and £11.00 per hour for fund raising and weekends, plus £10.00 for use of the
kitchen and £10.00 for use of the bar.
Hire of Conference Room £6.00 per hour
Daily Hire of complete Hall £140.00
These prices include heating or air conditioning.
For Bookings please telephone Mick 421853 or Laraine 421 1 1 0


The winners of the national lottery bonus ball for weeks 19th May through to 16th June were as follows. Each winner received £25.
Sat 19th May Margerat Stewart
Sat 26th May Enid Hallerton
Sat 2nd June Bob Davis
Sat 9th June Bob Reid  
Sat 16th June Ian Parry

All proceeds go to the Memorial Hall
2 numbers are available, if anyone wishes to join the 49 Club please call Roma Parry on 421312



Enquiries re Baptism, weddings etc. should be made to The Reverend Chris Harrington on 01529 460904.
For other Church queries in Helpringham please contact John West on 421871

It's been a funny old summer so far, but thankfully the rain certainly hasn't stopped people having a good time at the various enjoyable community events which have taken place across our group. It's been a time of great celebration with the whole country saluting our glorious Queen's fantastic sixty year reign, the England football team exceeding popular expectations in Euro 2012 and the Olympic torch travelling through or region. Could it even be our year at Wimbledon and at the Olympics? During June we celebrated with several couples on their wedding day, as David and Izzy Newman and Alex and Sharon Sutherland were married at Helprlngham and Ian & Jo Taylor tied the knot at Scredington, we wish them all well in their future lives together. The only sad note is that I have had to turn down requests from wedding couples who wanted the bells rung at their wedding because although we've got the bells, we have no longer got the ringers. So if you would like to learn and become part of a new bell ringing team which could help the bells peal again across our group of parishes please contact Ian & Gill Bland (469376).

We also celebrated with four of our young people as they were confirmed by the Bishop of Lincoln at the Cathedral and this month seven adults from our group of parishes are being confirmed at Folkingham Church (15th July at l0am) by Bishop Christopher. If you would like to be confirmed at the next local confirmation service, then plea se give me a ring (460904). That also goes for weddings, wedding blessings, or the renewal of vows. Some of the restrictions that used to be in place have been relaxed so if you weren't able to marry in church first time round but would like a blessing or want to renew the vows you made years ago, please give me a ring, it may now be possible.
On July 7th at 6pm at St Andrew's Helpringham there is a Strawberry concert featuring a number of musical Items from our Group Choir led by Anthony Baldery and students from Spalding Grammar. In the interval Strawberry Teas will be served. Tickets are available from John West (421871). If you like me, are celebrating a birthday in July, can I wish you a very Happy Birthday and have a good summer, once it arrives. Now where's that brolly!
Rev Chris Harrington (01529 460904)

Helpringham area Church Services in July
1st JULY
9.30am Great Hale (Holy Communion)
11am Burton Pedwardine (Holy Communion)
11am Heckington (Morning Praise)
6pm Scredington (Evensong)

8th JULY - Sea Sunday
9.30am Scredington (Holy Communion)
llam Heckington (Holy Communion)
11am Swaton (Morning Prayer & Praise)
11am Great Hale (Informal Family Service)
6pm Helpringham (Choral Evensong)

15th JULY
9.30am Helpringham (Holy Communion)
llam Heckington (Holy Communion)
llam Scredington (Morning Prayer/Praise)

22nd JULY
11am Heckington (Holy Communion)
11am Helprlngham (Morning Praise)
6pm Great Hale (Evensong)

28th JULY
9.30am Asgarby (Holy Communion)

June brought the welcome return of Jennie Storr and once more the hall was filled with our laughter. She started off by explaining how the idea for the talk had come from researching the joys of having a lovely grumble and she even managed to come up with some amazing statistics to support the theory that we all have some kind of grumble every 21mins - maybe without realising! From call centres to passwords and pin numbers , her recall of everyday experiences had us in stitches as did the instructions for boarding a bus. There were many examples of the misuse of the English language and a list of tenants' complaints was priceless as were various signs spotted on shops, railways, churches, farms and hotels. We marvelled at how someone could be called Annette Curtain or Dwain Pipe with Sue Mee, a solicitor, married to Rob Mee, a banker; members were also able to add to the list from personal experience!
Our next meeting is at 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th July when
Valerie Oliver will be talking about her trek up Kilimanjaro.
It should be another very different and interesting evening do come along - new members and guests are always welcome.

Michael Langley had a different trick up his sleeve in this year's version of 'Crackpots.' He used pieces of slate wired together roughly (i.e. very roughly) into a basket shape. Then he cut a small plastic plant pot and crushed it into the bottom of the structure. From these unpromising beginnings, he created a thing of great beauty. Using pieces of succulents, ferns and alpines and packing them in with handfuls of soil mixed with crushed mortar - (Yes!. MORTAR- apparently it contains something almost magical that does the plants no end of good.) A little bit of slate tucked in here, and a handful of soil just there, amazing what you can do. Well, that is to say amazing what he could do. Once planted and watered, it will last indefinitely. Most intriguing was his work station which would be very useful for planting hanging baskets as well. It was an upturned stool with a back panel bearing a large screw. Hang your basket from this and it is stable and safe while you work.
The July Meeting will be a talk by Colin Ward entitled:
"Plantman's Choice"
Wednesday 27th July, 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall
Come along and bring your friends. Tea and biscuits provided.

We would like to thank all those who helped with our Exhibition at the Diamond Jubilee; we really appreciated all the things that were loaned to us for the event.
Now our thoughts are on the Feast Weekend August 11th and 12th, when we are mounting an exhibition of Sport in Helpringham and our own sporting heroes to mark the Olympics 2012. This time the exhibition will be in the Church as part of the Feast celebrations. Once again we are seeking your help and would welcome any photographs or memorabilia of local sportsmen and women or sporting events in Helpringham of any era. If you can help please contact any society member.
Laraine on 421110 or Julie on 421265. Let's make this another one to remember.